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Have You Tried SherAcc Yet?

About Us

We are an IT based business solution service provider. We believe in our customer service and satisfaction. Our developers gain insight and ideas that contribute to a final product. It is consistently better than the client thought aspect. We enjoy many relationships with our customers / clients and also have experience in maintaining their websites. We are dedicated to our customers. We study our projects in depth, what are the requirements and needs of our clients, and how we can help them give the best of our software subscribers. Helping our clients for their audience and visitor is vital to the success of their business and we do best. We create beautiful websites and web applications that are very easy, we know how to write intelligent coding that is the basis for our elegant solutions. We know that without the ability to work in the latest software and perform in the technical marketplace of our value is diminished, so we keep at the top of the curve in our technical skills. Business accounting has never become so easy and simple and attractive.

Sql database Technologies


.Net Technologies


Markup Language - HTML


JavaScript and Css


Why People like SherSoft?

Quality Assurance

SherSoft assures complete quality, by implementing a planned and systematic pattern of actions that ensure the developed system conforms to the technical requirements. Every initiative, every partnership and above all our project execution levels are built around being the best.

Looking for world class ready suite/customized software at cost effective rates? You are at the right place. SherSoft develops market-recognized products leveraging well-architected and functionally rich solutions that are cost-effective, high in quality and low in risk. Ever evolving consumer demands are centered on continuous innovation and cost-efficiency which drives the software industry
SherSoft is a Professional Software Company with great knowledge and expertise in providing wide range of software development solutions. Through continuous R & D SherSoft has attained the competency to develop the best suitable solutions that gives your business an edge.
The corporate world of business is becoming increasingly complex. Global prosperity thrives on Innovation. This being a reality, combined with the financial downturn of the global economy and the issues facing our planet and our communities, means business as usual is not enough. To make a meaningful difference, we must inspire and innovate.


Our business is about delivering customer friendly solutions driven by value, service and integrity to meet the clients' needs, on time.


To be the creative brains behind every innovation.